Thank you for your interest in my blog, as well as possible PR, business or collaborations. I'm constantly thinking of ways to bring my readers enjoyable and useful content.

If you're thinking of collaborating on mutually beneficial projects do let me know. As I write and share a variety of things, I'm certain there's an opportunity somewhere.

I'm excited that in just 2 years of blogging, I've managed to build an amazing community of engaging readers from various parts of the world. Using the most common metric I'm already over 300,000 views. (There's more to a great blog than views, but that's a good stat to throw in!). 

I've worked with a few international brands on the blog such as Choosey Cards, Irresistible Me Hair, Travel Start and JORD watches

Please let me know if you'll like me to provide a media kit with more details about my blog and offerings.  

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