It's exciting to have lots of people who already read my blog. But there's something particularly exciting when a new reader lands on here. 

So you can be sure I could be doing cartwheels where I am! Thank you for taking time out to read this page. I hope you'll truly enjoy the experience and stop by often.  

KacheeTee.com is simply a positive space to evoke decent conversations that'll help us live life with intention, succeed and be inspired and truly enjoy the little things - whether, it's in our relationships, career, fashion, beauty, food and health or just everyday personal experiences.  

I've been writing this blog since February 2016 (first post here) and it totally feels surreal. Not least because, prior to this time, I really honestly had no idea what blogging was about. 

But one day, I got tired of the voice in my head which seemingly had so much to say. And I needed a platform to say the many things I often want to share with people. The experience has been amazing, and while I sought out to inspire others, the change it has had in me personally has been overwhelming.

I'm definitely looking forward to the future of the blog, and I hope you'll be a part of that journey. For slightly more personal notes about me, please check the About page

In all of this, my writing strives to be simple. So when you stop by, you're sure to get inspired, learn something new and/or have a laugh! 

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