Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the questions I get asked relating to If you have any other questions, do get in touch and I'll definitely try to respond. 

1. Is your Blog hosted on Word Press or Blogger

My blog is hosted on SquareSpace. I had no prior knowledge of blogging or coding & plugins (still don't!) when I launched. It seemed easy to get a hang of Squarespace. 

2. Do you blog daily? When can I expect to find new posts on the blog?

I'll totally love to blog daily. But at the moment, I'm only able to blog 3-4 times a week. The absolute best way to be sure you never miss a post is to subscribe and get it delivered to your email once it drops. Plus subscribing gives you access to some inside info you'd love to see. You may also follow us on Bloglovin and get access to these posts when they get published. This is an external feature and so, you won't get access to inside info! I also try to share new posts on social media - but with how fast everything goes by these days (plus the algorithm based feature of these sites), it's not guaranteed. But, I share other bits and pieces on there asides blog posts, so do follow me!


3. I love some posts and I'll like to share on WhatsApp, but I can't find that in the sharing icons beneath the blog posts

Oh, this is actually really easy. The last circular icon shown is a 'more' icon which includes pretty much all social media. So simply click on that and select WhatsApp or whichever is preferred. There's quite a lot of platforms you can share on. See the guide. 



4. Why do you use Disqus as a commenting platform?

Disqus is pretty much what's in now! It's used by lots of really popular websites and blogs all over the world. Creating a Disqus account lets you comment easily on such blogs. It also supports threaded comments, has a clean feel and allows you to upload images and videos even in the comment section. As an example, see the photos and videos readers left in these posts here, here and here.  I think that's pretty cool.  In addition, when I respond to a comment as I almost always do, you get these replies in your inbox immediately without having to re-check the post for a reply. Plus Disqus lets you edit your comments, We all know how annoying it can be when you make a mistake in your comment or when you forget to leave your blog link!

5. I'll rather not create a Disqus account. Can I still leave a comment?

I understand that you may not want to create a Disqus account - despite the advantages (including the fact that we get to see a photo of you!). You may still leave your comments as  a guest.

All you have to do is put in your name and email address and tick the guest option as shown. 

If you'll rather not use your real name, feel free to use a Pseudonym (i.e a fictitious name).

6. Are comments moderated on your blog?

I love hearing from you and comments are not moderated.  If you have a created a Disqus account, your comments will be posted immediately. However as a result of the Disqus settings if you comment as a guest, I'll have to approve the comments. I try to do as soon as possible.  We love to spread positive vibes, so let's keep comments clean. Unfortunately, any insensitive comments may be deleted. 

7. I'm a blogger too. Is it okay to leave my link in the comment section. Will you check out my blog as well?

It's very okay to leave your links and I'm most likely going to check out your blog and possibly leave a comment (to prove I really did stop by!). I'll appreciate however if you do not leave vague comments solely for the purpose of promoting your own blog. 

8. Are you open to blogger collaborations / guest posts?

Totally! Since I started blogging, I've learnt so much from my blogger friends and it's always great to collaborate - if we can make it work, and if it'll fit with this space.  So feel free to get in touch. Same goes for Guest Post. If you've got something to share and you think it'll fit with, holla! Please note that guest posts may be edited and may not always be accepted. You can see examples of  some guest posts here, herehere and here

9.  We're a company / brand and we'll like to partner with you in some way. What can you offer & how do we go about this?

Well, thanks for this! I've got a Work With Me Page with some detail. Please reach out to me there and we can discuss further. Happy to also provide a media kit. 

10. Why do some words in a blog post appear in light blue?

You noticed! Those are clickable links and often refer to a related post I've written, some other page on the blog or an external article I think you should check out.  For example, if you aren't subscribed, you really should click this link and do so! 

11. Does Tee read the blog? 

He sure does! I have it on record that this is his favourite blog. 

Question not answered? Feel free to ask!
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