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Does Your Menstrual Cycle Make You "Crazy"?

When I thought of writing this article, I was hesitant. First, there’s the weird fact of discussing your cycle on the internet. Then, I wondered if I’d be undoing all the efforts some women have made to counteract the idea that we’re either incapacitated or breathing fire at certain points in our menstrual cycles.

In truth though? My cycle controls so many aspects of my existence. While I’m fortunate not to experience much physical pain besides a migraine or two during my period, I struggle with other manifestations. Throughout my teens, I struggled to make sense of the irrational mood swings, aches, and brain fog I had at certain times of the month.

Now, I’ve come to accept that my month is split into three parts.

4 Ways I'm Embracing a Lifestyle Makeover!

I recently bought a white tee shirt that had inscribed on it “there are so many opportunities to start something new”. That quote was definitely the primary reason I decided to let Zara sale have my £5. The other was because, although I’ll typically not buy a white t shirt (is it just me or do they just turn a bit dull after the first wash?) - like the title of this post, I’m trying to do some things differently.

If you ever watched the Oprah show, you may remember the episodes where four to five women put themselves forward or had nominated by their friends for a style revamp! They were mostly bored (or had never tried anything different) of their hair, their clothes and their style. The reveal was often such a shocker - and they didn’t look the same - in a good way!  I loved those a lot - especially when it featured much older women because it proved that you could always try something new and adventurous even as an adult.

How Do You Use Social Media (Mindfully)?

There are different kinds of social media users. While some people are Instagram or Snapchat creatures, others prefer Twitter. Then there are the Facebook and LinkedIn aficionados. Other people are more likely to be found on Pinterest. A surprising number of people still use forum-style social networks like Reddit, as well. And of course, there’s the rare bird who is on—and uses—everything.

I’ve always enjoyed social media, and in the past I was one of those who wanted to try everything—although I’m now nearly 85 percent Instagram, 15 percent Twitter. Social networking can be a great way for people and businesses to connect with like-minded people, share ideas, build networks (pun intended), and influence others.

Lately, though, many people have been re-evaluating their relationship with social media.

7 Alternate & Budget-friendly Party Ideas for Kids

Extravagant children’s birthday parties have become all the rage in recent times. It’s not unusual to attend a party that features elaborate décor, a lavish sweet table, and many other awesome extras! Aside from costing lots of money, these somewhat opulent events can also be expensive both in the time (planning and coordinating) and stress!

While many parents do like to celebrate age milestones, if throwing a big party doesn't appeal to you, here are some alternatives that are both fun-filled and perhaps more budget friendly!

Our Lego Batman First Birthday Party (+ tips for small sized themed parties)

“Does he really like batman, or did you guys just pick out the theme yourself?”

That’s probably the most common question we received when we mentioned we were having a batman themed party for Jidenna’s first birthday. It was pretty funny because he had never watched anything batman related.

So yes, we picked the theme. I say “we” but I guess it was it was mostly my decision. I’m not sure which happened first. Me realising - thanks to the internet, that batman was a very popular theme and so would be easy to pull off, or noticing that J’s first character sleep suit was a batman one. I guess it all happened at about the same time. So I stored the information somewhere and planned that if I was had a party, it will be batman themed.

What I've Learned From Taking Swimming Lessons As an Adult

To the average onlooker, I’m one of those people who appears to be athletic. I’m not. I have real coordination issues that make my attempts at sports laughable. So, when I try to kick a ball, there’s a seventy percent chance that my foot will miss the ball; when I shoot hoops, there’s a two in ten chance that I will actually score—if I don’t hit the rim and send the ball bouncing back after me. I’m also terrible at handball and volleyball because the mere sight of a ball hurtling towards me sends me running in the opposite direction—I do not trust my body with sports.

The two things I can do are running—long distance—and working out (that counts right?). As a child, I tried hard to add swimming to my pitiful repertoire, mostly because everyone always said, “you look so athletic, you should be a swimmer.” I stopped trying because I was terrified of being under water and hated the feel of water in my nose or ears. I was a proud, self-proclaimed frolicker—content to hang out in the shallow end of the pool or on the sand.

But then I moved. To an island.

Weekend Notes X Links From Around the Web

Happy second Friday of January! It’s been the first one back to work for many people, so I hope you eased in nicely.

I looked at a calendar yesterday and was surprised to see there’s still 21 days left in the month. That feels like an entire month in itself! But how are you doing? I hope you’re still hyped about the new year and smashing your goals!

I’m definitely working on mine, and that’s one reason this post is back. We love to share our favourite links with you, and hopefully you enjoy them as much as we do.

I’ve also taken on the weekly gratitude jar challenge. The idea is that every Sunday, I will reflect on the past week, write all I’m thankful for, and pop it in the jar till the last week of the year. Our memories can really be short-term, so it’s always a good idea to write things down. There are only 52 weeks in a year, so that should be okay to manage; hope I keep up!

Nine Women on Turning 30: Joys, Fears, and Regrets

I turned 30 last November. But I didn’t have the time to fully take it in, as that birthday weekend last November was spent in a flurry of activities. So I guess I didn’t feel (at least at that exact time) the huge impact of turning 30. I don’t think I’d also previously given much thought to the 30 age. Apart from the fact that I’d considered a fancy photo shoot with the big 30 foil balloons included - because social media makes us believe that’s what you do, I hadn’t seen it much as a defining age and for the most part I assume things will go on as normal. 

But I’ve realised a few changes and inner paradigm shift in my thought process and general thinking. So, either it’s true that 30 for many women is an age where they really start to think, or it’s just a coincidence that right now in my life as I turn 30, I’m very conscious about self discovery. 

But how do other women feel turning 30? What are their joys, their fears and their regrets? In this piece, 9 amazing women who turned 30 at their last birthdays, share how they feel about this magical age!

Six Tips To Enjoy "Reading" Audio Books

Do you wonder how people actually experience books on audio? Do they actually understand everything? Is it enjoyable to “read” a book without actually seeing the words? Does that even count as reading?

I'm here to help you answer all those questions and more. I hope that by the end of this post, you'll at least be willing to try out ONE audiobook. Audiobooks are truly a wonderful addition to the world of reading because life gets so busy and humans get tired. On days when I'm too tired to read, but still want a story, audiobooks are my perfect companion. Depending on my choice, I could be listening to a person's memoir, laughing aloud to a ridiculous children's book or shaking my head at character's bad decisions while making dinner.

There are some things though that will improve your audiobook experience and help you add more reading to your busy schedule.

Here are six things to know about using audiobooks:

How To Get The Best Deals for Your Family Photoshoot Sessions

Now that back to school season is over, I’m sure that many of us are already thinking about the fast approaching holiday season and all the expenses that go with it. We’re also probably hoping to squeeze in a family photoshoot.

As a photographer and frugal mama, I thought this would be a great time to share my six top tips for getting the best photography deals for your upcoming milestones and events.

So here we go!