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I Was Vegan for a Week: My Recipes, Challenges, and Thoughts

Did any one of you try #Veganuary?

Well I did. Ok, not for the whole month, but for a week. Diets are taking the world by storm. Every day there’s a new way to feed your body -- intermittent fasting, vegetarianism, keto diets, pescetarianism, and of course, veganism. People diet for various reasons, and many diets do become lifestyles. Reduced to zero animal content diets have become more popular for ethical and environmental reasons. In vegan circles, January is famous because it’s the month during which people often “try out” veganism, hence the term “Veganuary.”

Veganism: The practice of refraining from consuming (or using, for some vegans) animal products, not only meat but also eggs, dairy products, and other animal-derived substances.

A Picnic Menu to Try: Pulled Lamb Sliders and Orange Loaf Cake

After a long time without one, I decided we should have a family picnic, enjoy the outdoors, play with sand and run our fingers and toes through sand and grass, eat, and just have a good time bonding. I knew my toddler would love that, and with my six month old, Rayyan, sitting up now, he’ll also enjoy pulling the grass — he loves to grab everything.

So during the week as I went in and out of my numerous meetings, I planned the menu, to help me come up with a shopping list, and discussed with the hubby to decide if we would invite any friends over.

Like they say, “the more the merrier!

Curious about Menstrual Cups? Here's Why I Love Them and How I Use Mine

So, my post on reusable menstrual products got a lot of mixed reviews!

But in particular, there was a lot of interest in menstrual cups and how it works. Since of all of the ones I tried, the cup is my absolute favourite, I thought I’d delve into a bit more sharing why I love and how my use OrganiCup menstrual cup.

My OrganiCup menstrual cup is a small flexible cup made from soft allergy-friendly medical grade silicon. It is folded and worn internally just below your cervix where it catches the menstrual fluids. When it’s full, it’s emptied, rinsed and reinserted.

Pretty simple and straight forward yes? Let’s keep going.

How I'm a Foodie but Maintain my Weight (after losing 25kg!)

Just in case you’re in doubt, I’d start by establishing my love for food and my sweet tooth. Writing this alone makes me lick my lips thinking of a cheesy meaty lasagna with a vanilla milkshake.

But today, I’m going to share the flip side of my love for food. This food lover is also a mini fitness freak and healthy eating junkie and advocate.

In 2016, I decided to change my lifestyle and go on a life changing journey. I lost about 25kg /5- 6 dress sizes in the process and I’ve managed to keep it off two years down.

The Easiest Puff Pastry Sausage Roll (+ 5 Favourite Breakfast Pantry Items)

It happened so fast - my maternity leave is over but it’s been an exciting 4 months, bonding with my little one. Now that I reflect, the last few months have been exciting. In addition to the midnight feeds and hundreds of diaper change, I have fueled my passion for cooking and food so much compared to my maternity leave for my first baby which I basically used it to complete my thesis for my MSC Finance Program.

This time around, I have increased my scanty herb garden - good old fennel and dill joined the herb stand. I also started growing more vegetables aside from tomatoes - introduced Cauliflower, Lettuce - purple and green, Cabbage and Green Peppers. Honestly growing your food is so therapeutic it deserves a separate blog post! As regards to cooking I learnt many more technics. I decided to engage chefs I knew were the best in the field in the country to guide me through and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

Four Women. Four Stories of Living with Scoliosis

It’s okay if you saw the header and wondered what on earth that is. I only learnt of it a couple of years ago thanks to one of the ladies in this post. But for a condition that affects quite a large number of people it’s interesting how very little is known about it.

Simply put, Scoliosis is a situation where the spine twists and curves to the side. Thus, such persons could have a visibly curved spine, uneven shoulders and hips or even visible ribs sticking to one side.

It appears that due to a lack of awareness, it’s often not detected early making it tougher to manage. In some extreme cases in developing nations, it is seen as an aberration leading to such persons being discriminated against or even tortured.

As June is Scoliosis awareness month, four women share their stories - of diagnosis, life changes and generally living with scoliosis. 

3 Easy, Delicious + Healthy Meal Ideas for the Work Week

Breakfast is generally seen as the most important meal of the day, yet since I started working full time over 3 years ago; my mornings have shrunk more and more leaving very little time for breakfast. At first I thought "no big deal, I’ll just eat in the office". Until I realised that days went by without leaving my desk. I would have breakfast and lunch at my desk and sometimes those would be my only meals of the day.

Not only is that quite sad, it was putting a noticeable dent in my pocket. The average breakfast was costing £4 on average which amounts to roughly £80 a month and ...wait for it....£960 a year! *wails loudly*

With that in mind, I had to look for quick meals I could grab before leaving the house or (begrudgingly) make at the office.

9 People 1 Question - Vegans on Going Meat Free, Challenges and Advice

The first time I had a real conversation with a vegan was roughly four and a half years ago at a dinner in Oxford, and during my master's degree in Cambridge. Before then, I can't exactly boast that I was very aware of the trend or concept. I had lived in Nigeria for all of my life and frankly everyone ate meat. Not eating meat was almost like a taboo. It was very rare.

So that night at the dinner table, side by side with someone who had been vegan for such a long time, I was perplexed. How and why did he just decide to stop eating meat? He explained that after being exposed to how animals were treated for food, he couldn't justify eating them. I'll be honest and say that he didn't look like the most healthy person, so I wondered if he had made the right decision.

Nonetheless, he had piqued my curiousity and soon after, I watched a documentary on treatment of animals. It had an effect on me and I probably tried to go meat free for a week - but that was it! Today, being vegetarian or vegan is much more common and very much preached about. I don't know if I'll ever be able to go vegan, but I wonder about it - especially these days as meat tends to get stuck in my teeth way too often!  

5 Top Nigerian Food Bloggers & Business/ Life Lessons to Learn From Them

Just yesterday, October 1, Nigeria celebrated her 57th Independence anniversary. Pretty sure you know what that means but just in case anyone doesn't, it's the 57th year since Nigeria gained her freedom from British colonialists, and became a recognised sovereign nation.  

I'll like to say that this post was planned to tally and commemorate such celebration - after all our food is one thing most Nigerians agree is amazing.  But it's actually just a coincidence. It's been on my draft list for ages and well my fingers finally decided to write it today.

If you've been anywhere in the Nigeria social media space recently, you may have seen a photo of a couple on board an air plane who had their own large tray of home cooked Nigerian style meat-laden-oily-tomato-definitely-spicy stew; and proceeded to serve themselves on white paper plates. Ofcourse the reactions were epic. While some people ooohed and aaahed, others wondered how on earth they could take that past security. Another group of people admitted that it could be done and was not illegal. Rather surprisingly a tiny percentage of people seemed to think it was inconsiderate of them and the aroma would inconvenience other passengers. 

One thing was certain though. Nigerians love their food. And personally I'll take that over the meals often served in the plane.

Okay, back to the crux of this post. I follow a ton of Nigerian food bloggers. Perhaps too many - and at my own detriment as their food photos always make me very hungry. 

9 People, 1 Question || Male Chefs on What to Cook for Your Valentine!

There's so many reasons why I love this post!

First, if your twitter timeline is anything like mine, then you'd know there's often (surprisingly) intense conversations about cooking. It comes in different forms, but many times relates to women being the ones to cook. It could be whether a girlfriend should be cooking for her man before she has a ring or whether a girl who is great in the kitchen is likely to find love faster. Oh, the married ladies are often not exempt. Should married women cook for their men all the time? Or sometimes they debate the question of men who demand fresh food for every meal - i.e straight from the cooker to his plate - no freezing, no microwaves.

I think these conversations are often unnecessary and there are no clear cut answers. But I guess they arise because of two things most people get weak knees for; Love & Food! What better time to explore this than valentine - the generally accepted day of love.

I'm not hugely into valentine, I'll never say no to some greeting cards with mushy wordings and good food, preferably home made with love. I intended to outright ask Tee to make some romantic dinner either on the 14th or later that weekend. But just in case he'd need some inspiration, I decided to ask the experts!

And you guessed right - I chose to ask the men. Because you know what's super cool? A man who knows how to cook!