All in We Interview Series

We Interview: Lizzy O. (The DIY Lady) - YouTuber / Blogger & Photographer

If you follow Lizzy on social media, then you probably did a huge dance in your head when she put up her pregnancy announcement a couple of days ago! I know I did.

We had no clue of the announcement and it's sure been a long while we had this feature, but it's exciting to finally feature Lizzy who everyone knows as The DIY Lady. She's a YouTuber / Blogger, Photographer and an avid fashion + DIY lover. Although she had a life-changing car accident / spinal cord injury in 2008 and currently uses a wheelchair, this in no way defines her and  from her photos and videos you can see how much happiness and enthusiasm she radiates. She believes in using her voice, style and life as a testimony to others who may be in such circumstances. 

We got into her brain a bit and asked a few questions about life, work, marriage, style tips and all that makes her tick! 

We Interview: Bola Onada Sokunbi (Clever Girl Finance) - Money & Finance Expert

I love talking about money. I love budgeting and knowing where every last bit of my money goes to. And ofcourse, I absolutely detest being broke. So when I stumbled on Bola of Clever Girl Finance (CGF), two things attracted me to her Instagram page. First was probably the beauty of the page. Her message was conveyed in text and in such pretty fonts. Second was ofcourse the money wisdom she was dishing out. She was certainly filling a need and I knew that some day I'd love to meet, interview or have coffee with her.  When I realised a couple of weeks ago, that CGF had only just turned two, my enthusiasm was tripled. Her success has been outstanding and I couldn't wait to ask her a few questions.

It's often such a pleasure when someone is not only smart but actually nice and warm in real life. Curious about the apps she used to create her images, I slid into her DM about a year ago, and she graciously answered all of my questions. And when the time came for this interview, despite her tight schedule, she made it work!

Bola is a certified financial consultant providing tailored money advice to women - helping them ditch debt, budget, save and build real wealth! From her one on one coaching, accountability group to money journals, worksheets and e-books, it's obvious how much effort she puts into her business and how much she knows her onions! I've got so many money tips off her page it's amazing.

She often shares how she saved $100,000 in 3.5 years, while earning $54,000! Recently someone doubted this and it was absolutely hilarious when she pulled out the receipts and evidence.

We Interview: Bolanle Williams-Olley: Social Change Champion!

If were a fancy lifestyle gloss magazine, then BWO would make the perfect cover girl for the July edition, and the gorgeous photos of her and her lovely family would adorn the pages and provide a lovely photo spread. But that notwithstanding, we don't need a glossy magazine to take it all in - her wisdom, advice and photos! So I'm super stoked she's sharing her thoughts with us and providing a bucket full of inspiration.

As we attended the same high school in Nigeria (she was about 2-3 years ahead of me), I had this familiar feeling when I stumbled on her Instagram page a couple of years ago. Like we were friends, or we should have been friends. But maybe that's just me and wishful thinking. When I was in NY recently, she invited me over to her office for coffee/lunch and I was super gutted that due to a tight schedule, I couldn’t. Ugh, but there's always a next time. 

Bolanle turned 32 a few weeks ago, and you can see just how much passion she puts into all facets of her life! As a wife and mum to the TWOs (her husband Temi, and kids Teni and Tsola), as a friend, as a Christian, a career woman, an entrepreneur and a social change champion. 

We Interview: Grace Alex (T2Pitchy) Entrepreneur, Journalist & Fashion Blogger

I sincerely think that if a few years ago I had the same level of entrepreneurial acumen, creative and business spirit as Grace does, I honestly might have just been a billionaire, running a shoe line and maybe being super famous.  

How? Let me explain. Sometime in 2009 I think, my elder brother came home with a new pair of slippers. He explained that he had just found this shoe-maker who made such beautiful slippers and sandals - for relatively cheap! And true to his word - all of his friends loved his new slippers, and he simply introduced them to the shoe maker.

I thought they were really nice and decided to get one for Tee as well. I also got a matching pair for myself.

We Interview: Sisi Yemmie - Blogger & Vlogger

I first stumbled on Sisi Yemmie when she won the Big Fat Nigerian Wedding. I think we may have been planning our wedding at around the same time, so I thought how lucky she must be that she got a practically free wedding. I think I may have considered entering for the competition - but of course Tee & I were way too shy. I remember this, because some people had said that her blog had given her such a wide readership that her readers definitely voted for her and helped her win. That was most likely the first time I subconsciously realised the power of a blog.

But it wasn't until pretty recently when I started blogging, that I knew how much she had achieved.

I remember being inspired by her growth after I dug deep into her archive to read her very first posts! Growth was clearly visible. I tweeted at her that I'd read her old posts and she responded saying she often contemplated deleting the older posts, but left them in there so she could see very clearly how far she'd come.

When I just joined Twitter, I also remember wondering if she was a superwoman. Her blog tweets seemed to be all over my timeline! Later I realised she was probably using a scheduling software.

But still, we can't deny the inspiration that SisiYemmie is, particularly to the Nigerian Blogging & social media community. For the past six years, she has consistently kept at it, growing a brand and a huge fan base. Now as a full time blogger, she's constantly working with global brands and producing engageing content for her almost 50,000 YouTube subscribers. 

We Interview: Peniel Enchill - Artist & Illustrator

If you believe that no good deed, no matter how little, goes unrewarded, then my interview with Penie is definitely a reward for me.

Last year, she posted a photo of a illustrated greeting card on Instagram which was going up for sale on her online store. I sent her a DM pointing out a a typo, rather uncertain of what her reaction will be. But she was so gracious and thankful in her response! 

When I emailed her about this feature, unsure of whether she was going to respond, I introduced myself and recalled the typo incident.

Penie is a one of a kind illustrator! You may not recognise her face, but no doubt you've stumbled on her art pieces at one time or the other - as they often go viral on the internet! 

I had a million questions to ask her. I couldn't quite fit in all of them, but at least we talked about her brand, relationships, advice and other fun stuff in between. 



We Interview: Ozoz Sokoh (Kitchen Butterfly) - Food Chef & Blogger

 I stumbled on Ozoz in a funny way. I was having a casual conversation with a friend and we were talking of Nigerian food. I might be biased, but I'm one of those people that believe Nigerian food should be absolutely global and the entire world has to love it.  My friend then said "I'm sure you know Kitchen Butterfly". I responded that I'd never heard of her. And my response was met with a "How can you not? Everyone knows her!"

I searched her out on Instagram that moment and never looked back. When I interviewed Rayo, she also mentioned that we should interview Ozoz next!  It's taken over 6 months, but here we are. 

We Interview: Tuke Morgan - Saxophonist, Food Photographer & Blogger

Tuke is one of those people who you stumble on her page on Instagram, and her wide smile probably makes you click the follow button. And we we got the chance to dine recently, I knew that she wasn't just smiling for the 'gram, she's such a happy person!  But what inspires me about Tuke, is the dedication and passion with which she approaches her love for the Sax.


WeInterview: Haneefah Adam - Hijarbie Creator, Visual Artist and all-round Creative

Honestly, for a second, when I reached out to Hanie for this interview there was a bit of me that thought "Well Kach, hope you know it's okay if she turns you down as she's used to being interviewed by BBC, Reuters etc, plus she's featured on major international publications like CNN and Cosmopolitan". Obviously, you've figured she was gracious enough to accept.