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Four Things in January (& Goals for February!)

After all our excitement for the year 2017, the first month is done & dusted. Although, that was a long January! Wasn't it? It had 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and 5 Tuesdays! 

Did your excitement fizzle out along the way or did you find yourselves conquering your goals as planned? Or did you just want the month to end so we could start afresh!?

So I normally do these recaps using the "Taking Stock" format - (last one was the November recap), but new year = new ideas, so I thought I'd try out something different also because I sort of got bored with this format towards the end of the year.

So going forward I'll just share "four things" of the past month, goals for the new ones and because I can't help it, they'd always be a little extra! 

So here's my four things in January: 

Happy New Year! || 2016 Recap - Hopes for 2017

In last days of 2016, and one of the rare occasions where I managed to watched some TV, the top trends and events of 2016 were being analysed. No surprises, that in relation to lifestyle, healthy living and fitness was highly ranked - with people looking for quicker (but effective) work out routines and recipes! In relation to Beauty & Fashion, the concept of 'contouring' took the world by storm in 2016 as contour kits and brushes, for many beauty lines became their best selling products. 

Personally, 2016 will go down as the year I decided to do more, give more and experience more.

November Recap. Hopes for December! (+ 30 Day Gratitude Challenge)

It's December - and we are about to say goodbye to another year! 

As usual, I looked forward to writing this post. Particularly after reading the October Recap and Hopes for November. So yes, November picked up. I had a good birthday - your messages and thoughts were overwhelming.  Thank you again.

November also had some little pretty memorable moments - like me finally trying broccoli (the skinny kind), receiving flowers and loving the Boomerang app!

October Recap. Hopes for November!

It's the 11th month of the year! It's my birth month. I've sort of looked forward to it for a while and now it almost feels like an anticlimax - but I'm sure it'll pick up! I really looked forward to this post because it's probably the one where I get most personal. But more importantly we get to catch up and I hear what you're up to - how October was and goals for November.  

July Recap, Hopes for August!

I was so sure it wasn't just me and everyone around me has remarked on how quickly the year has flown. I mean, it's August. Next thing we get to the 'ember' months - and then Christmas. But before Christmas, there's November, my birth month. I'm quite excited about this one. But let's not jump the gun, back to a recap of July and hopes for August. 

Lessons, from June.

5 days late, but Happy July everyone!!

It's hard to believe we're in the second half of the year. It seems like just a few days ago I was trying to write down my goals for the year 2016! One of them was actually starting a blog / You Tube channel and apparently my blog kicked off in in February.

May - Recap and Updates

To be honest, I think May went by so quickly!  I remember from my April recap that I wanted to work on procrastination, go the gym and try some food I've never had.  Re procrastination, I think I managed to strike quite a lot of things off my list. I haven't updated my LinkedIn page as planned, but that's because I'm waiting till I get a new profile picture.

Bye April... Hi May!

Aren't bank/public holidays just the absolute best?

If it's not a holiday in your country (so sorry!), well I hope you're having a great Monday.  I was on leave from work the last week of April, so feeling quite refreshed and actually sort of eager to get back to work.

It's definitely hard to believe that it's already the fifth month of the year! I still have lots of to-dos on my list (some from January). That's probably what has inspired the new bits on the blog home