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A Day in the Work Life of: Adaku Ufere - International Oil & Gas Lawyer

Not everyone would apply for a job that requires a language skill set you clearly do not possess. Adaku did. Saw the job ad on LinkedIn, and boom, went in for it!  In a few weeks, packed her bags and headed to Equatorial Guinea - a country that wouldn't even grant tourist visas. Her life and career was about to take a brand new turn - a turn that she's absolutely loving. She's often quick to say, that she's 'living her best life'.

This piece resonates with me for so many reasons. In the same way one woman made Adaku re-think her career aspirations, in my subconscious, I think Adaku was one of those people that made me believe I could absolutely combine being a lawyer and blogging - doing both excellently well and without being shy of the latter. Although she went to the same high school in Nigeria (Queens College Lagos) as I did, and was a couple of years ahead of me, I have from a distance kept abreast of both her exciting career and blogging adventures!

Adaku Ufere heads the Energy practice at a pan-African law firm; managing legal teams across; Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon, South Sudan and South Africa and directly developing and managing multiple strategic partnerships across the globe for the firm. She was recently named one of the 40 Under 40 Leading Lawyers in Nigeria at the Nigerian Legal Awards 2016. She enjoys public speaking, writing and contributing a lot of her time in mentoring younger ladies. 

In her words "I am obsessed with plantains, Novenas, trap music, Beyoncé, mango sorbets, airplane flatbeds, Jo Malone ‘lime basil & mandarin’ shower oil, and ratchet reality shows". 

How's that for a balanced life? You'll enjoy this one - take my word to the bank! 

6 Helpful Tips to Succeed at the Nigerian Law School

Before writing this post, I needed some guidance on when Nigerian Law School (NLS) Bar II candidates were set to resume. So I asked the open ended question on twitter. A young man responded “Who knows. We think it’s November though. Are you tired of waiting at home like me?”

I could almost feel his enthusiasm from his response. I replied, that thankfully, I had been there, done that. To think it’s been 5 years now.

10 Contract Clauses Every Small Business Owner Should Be Aware Of:

One good thing about social media (and particularly Instagram) is that it has helped showcase how enterprising and resourceful the average person is. Small and medium scale businesses are springing up daily, hustling and succeeding. For these businesses, either at the early or later stages, they may need to enter into some sort of contractual agreements relating to the sale of their goods or provision of their services.