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When I stumble on a blog, one of the first pages I click on is the about page. If you're reading this, chances are you are quite like me!

But while I love reading them, writing about yourself is not so easy.

I'm Kachee and thank you for stopping by. I think I've always loved to write, but until 2016, I was totally oblivious to the world of blogging. Once in High School, my friend thought I might win a Pulitzer Prize for writing. The chances of that happening are quite slim, but at least, I have a blog which lots of people love!

I'm 29 and I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to the UK a few years ago. I've got two first class law degrees and a Cambridge LL.M (the 9 month process of obtaining the latter has been one of  my best experiences). By day, I put these qualifications to use as corporate lawyer in London. By night, my blogger hat comes on!

I'm married to Tee (who says this is his favourite blog). We met in University and we've been together for over 10 years now (I shared how we met and a photoshoot for our 9th anniversary), and married for over 4!  If you're curious, you may see photos from our wedding here. We recently became parents to our adorable little boy - J. You can see some photos from our photoshoot and 38 week Pregnancy Tag.

Asides blogging and law and spending time with family, I enjoy being in bed with a good book, dreaming of exciting holidays and thinking of good food. I'm not much of a TV person, and as a quirky fact, I've actually never tasted coffee. 

I'm generally seeking to live life with intention and purpose, enjoying the little-est things and helping others do same. 

Oh one more thing. I love (brackets), ellipses... and exclamation marks! 

About KacheeTee.com

KacheeTee.com is a different kind of lifestyle blog - lighthearted, educative and entertaining. We talk about all things lifestyle that constantly run through your mind - from relationships, travel, career, beauty, fashion, blogging, food & health - all in a bid to help us live life more intentionally and have fun! 

We hope to spread positive vibes and our readers are such a lively bunch! I also love to share other people's stories and experiences in all areas of life - this means that there's a lot of good variety  on here as well.  

So when you stop by, you're sure to get inspired, learn something new and/or have a laugh! 

I hope you stick around and you enjoy these posts, as much as I love writing them. If you're a first timer, there's a special First Timer Page just for you!

If you've got some questions, these are probably answered in the FAQ page.

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